I am married to my absolute best friend on the planet. We went through our wedding together (duh.), lived in 3 states (which now includes 9 moves in 11 years), have 3 beautiful boys, and we’ve lived a crazy, adventurous marriage together with many ups and downs. We’ve been together through it all and are more in love now than we’ve ever been before. 

This is why I do what I do.

In every season, we’ve had moments that have marked dramatic changes in our life, and I’ve photographed them all. Our marriage. The birth of our boys (OK. Not the actual birth, but – you know – the baby), and many other times. And those photos bring me back. Back to why I love him. Back to why those challenging mom days are worth it. Back to the purpose behind our life. 

I want you to have those moments at hand, too. Place them in an album or on a wall, and burn them into your brain to help keep you grounded. It’s why images are so important to us all, and it’s why I am passionate about being your photographer.